Divine Timing

“Everything in the Universe has rhythm…..Everything dances.” – Maya Angelou

I’ve always believed in Divine timing to some degree, but in the year 2004 when I moved to Utah, my view on it changed forever.

I moved in January of that year, leaving an executive management position with Starbucks in Minneapolis to reside in Cedar City, Utah – a place I called home for the first ten years of my life out here in the Southwest. 

My hope was to find a less stressful job (one that didn’t include the word “Manager” in the title) and to put some physical distance between myself and a painful divorce that occurred months earlier.  And when I say “painful” divorce, there really are no words to describe how profoundly and permanently it has affected me.  The changes that have manifested in my life and in my soul as a result will forever be a part of me – the scars run that deep.

In June, I was homesick and alone – wondering if I made the right decision to simplify and heal my life so far away from family and friends.  On the Saturday evening before Father’s Day, I didn’t sleep a wink.  I wept bitterly all night – praying for God to give me a sign that He was with me, that I made the right decision to move to Utah, and that everything would be alright in the long run.  I desperately needed to know He was there, that He heard me, and that He loved me.

The next morning early, there was a knock at my door.  Both of my daughters flew in from Wisconsin to surprise me for Father’s Day!  I was overwhelmed!  They had been planning this trip months earlier – intending to surprise me.  They had no idea how much I would need them that Father’s Day, but God did 🙂

He saw that Saturday before Father’s Day and heard those prayers of mine MONTHS EARLIER – moving the hearts of my daughters to plan a trip to see me – knowing how desperately I would need them the next morning.  Months before my painful night, God was already at work answering my prayer 🙂

Have you ever had Divine timing affect your own life? 

Have you ever found yourself seconds away from getting into a bad car wreck that you witness unfold before your very eyes?  Have you ever ran into someone you were thinking about days earlier – the encounter needing PRECISION timing for it to even occur in the first place?  Maybe a stranger that came along at just the right time to help with a flat tire or other assistance you needed?  Was it the perfect opportunity at just the right time or a spoken word at the precise moment that made a difference?

I love how Divine timing intermingles with the omniscience of God – a God who is outside of and not bound by time – a God who knows the intimate details of the past, present, and future – constantly at work within each of these dimensions.

Psalm 31:15 in the New International Version translation says, “My times are in your Hands.”  The Contemporary English Version says, “My life is in your Hands.”  The Christian Standard Bible translation says, “The course of my life is in your power.”  The Good News translations says it like this: “I am always in your care.”

So as I studied, meditated, and contemplated Divine timing this week, I found myself asking the question:  Are we always experiencing Divine timing?  Is Divine timing specific events ….like my Father’s Day surprise visit or the chance meeting with my friend…..or is it happening in every moment of life?  Is it all Divine timing – every hour, minute, and second?

The Bible doesn’t say, “SOME of my times are in your Hands” or “PART of my life is in your Hands.”  It doesn’t state that “ONLY CERTAIN ASPECTS of my life are in your power.” ….nor does it suggest that “SOME TIMES or ON RARE OCCASIONS we are in His care.”

We tend to quantify Divine timing in distinct, special moments, but in reality my friend it is ALL Divine timing!

Think about that.  Let it settle into your mind for a minute.  Your times, the course of your life, is ALWAYS in God’s care and under His power…..always.

But what about this financial crisis I’m facing now or the problems I’m having in my marriage?  What about the issues happening at work right now or the stressful diagnosis I just received?  What about the friend that abandoned me or the bullying my child is facing at school this year?  What about the UNTIMELY death or the life-changing ACCIDENT?

ALL OF IT…..every single second of that time….is in the loving, powerful Hands of a caring Creator.  Divine timing isn’t an event or special moment.  It never happens by coincidence nor is it driven by luck or fate.  It is happening RIGHT NOW within whatever circumstances you currently face.

Think about what that means.  Think about what can occur tomorrow, within an hour, in the next minute if it is all Divine timing?  The supernatural outcomes are limitless!  What seems like an accident, a loss, or tremendous hurt is occurring within Divine timing – at the perfect time with precise intent.

If the Divine is infinite – then Divine timing stretches beyond the time constraints of our human existence – into the eternal ages to come.  And even in the case of my Father’s Day surprise, it can unfold in the past to create something meaningful in the future.  What could have taken place in your life months or years ago that will come to fruition tomorrow?  What is happening today that will create PERFECT TIMING in the future – in ages to come?

Rest tonight my friend in the thought that it is all Divine timing 🙂   Every single second of it!

God bless!

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