Vulnerability Misunderstood

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful” – Brene Brown

“Vulnerability is terrifying.  The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting, and yet rewarding experiences of life.  It will set you free.” – The Better Man Project

“The bravest are the most vulnerable; they are also the ones most capable of reward.” – Toni Sorenson

It almost seems the definition of being human in today’s world must include the word “invincible”

We can never let our guard down, never retreat, and for no reason be swayed from our convictions.  We must always be strong, never (under any circumstances) be pushed around by others, reign in our emotions, and never allow anyone to “see us sweat”.  Remaining steadfastly under control of each situation and circumstance is vital.  Relinquishing it shows weakness – a weakness that can be used by others to manipulate and destroy us.  Worse yet, that weakness puts a kink in the armor of our self-esteem – causing us to feel like we just aren’t capable or competent of anything meaningful in life.

Anything that rises up in our lives to reveal our vulnerability makes us queasy.  This pandemic is a prime example.  It has revealed our lack of invincibility – our futile attempts to control everything around us.  

But vulnerability is misunderstood.  It’s a critical part of BEING human. 

Without it, we cannot experience love in its deepest form – to be loved and accepted for who we truly are.  In its absence, we can never establish a profoundly intimate relationship with God – an abiding trust and an unshakable faith that is so necessary to be at peace in this world.  If we strive to remove any trace of it from our minds, we never grow in wisdom and we shut ourselves off from any new idea or learning.

Vulnerability isn’t weakness at all, in fact; vulnerability is synonymous with courage – especially in a world where it is seen as a flaw and a detriment.

Do you have the courage it takes to open up, to show weakness, and to relinquish control?  Do you have the strength needed to admit you know very little, that you need help and guidance most of the time, and that you are powerless and unwilling to control the behaviors of others around you?

Think about the beauty found in allowing yourself to be vulnerable within relationships.  When you relinquish your control over your mate and their behaviors, you are showing a deeper, unconditional love for them.  When you are loved back for who you truly are, flaws and all, you are loved with an intimacy like no other.  When you give up the power that comes with always having to be right, then arguments and disagreements fade into the background.

Think about the intimacy that being vulnerable with God initiates.  When you approach God with all your weaknesses, your struggles, and your questions, you open the door to forgiveness, to deeper peace, and to greater wisdom.   When you move closer to God, He moves closer to you 😊

Think about the growth that being vulnerable creates within yourself.  When you cast away your prideful need to always be right, you open your mind to new ideas and different ways of thinking.  You expand your knowledge instead of keeping it stagnant.

But all of this requires you to be vulnerable.  It means having the strength and courage to opening up to God and others – revealing who you are deep inside. 

Will others potentially reject the REAL you?  They might, but what then have you really lost?  If you are searching for a deep love, that can only be found in two individuals who choose to be vulnerable with one another.

Will God reject your vulnerability toward Him?  NEVER!  If fact, He already sees your heart!  Nothing is ever hidden from Him.  When we humbly open our minds and hearts to God, we open spiritual doors that do nothing but increase our wisdom and sustain our peace.  When we let go of trying to control things we realistically cannot control in the first place, we acknowledge and rest in the peace of a loving God who oversees it all.

Will being open and vulnerable with yourself change your self-concept? Will it change you?  Yes…in so many wonderful ways!  When you admit you don’t know the answers – only then will the right ones surface.  When you look hard at your weakness – only then can you begin the process of making them strengths again in your life.

I hope today you see the necessity of vulnerability – how it adds so much to your life!  I hope you shed the myth of needing to be invincible and begin the process of becoming more vulnerable with God, with others, and most importantly with yourself.

It will change so many things my friend – in ways you can’t imagine 😊

God bless!

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