In Between the Notes

“The music is not in the notes, but the silence in between.” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When it comes to life experiences, each of us have found ourselves on the highest of mountain summits as well as what seems like the deepest, darkest valleys.  Our journey in life can be analogous to a well written melody, where high notes and low notes flow across the page of music – revealing the beautiful tune as the measures unfold.  But when you really take time to analyze it, the soprano highs and the baritone lows are only small aspects of life’s melody.  It’s the voids, the silent intervals, and the space between the notes that makes up a majority of our life’s song.

It is in the space between the intense treatments and the full recovery – that empty void between loosing the love of your life and wondering if there will ever be another.  It is felt in the silent stillness of waiting – waiting for the new job opportunity to surface, for the wayward child to return, or waiting for any kind of break that will turn what seems like a mundane life into one filled with purpose and meaning again.

Think of the soprano and baritone bass moments in any aspect of life – our health, our relationships, our careers, our finances, etc.  Can you see how most of what we experience, most of what we hear as the tune plays on is in between those extremes? This is where life is lived out – in between the notes.  And when you really think about it my friend – it is these moments that give definition to who we really are, what we stand for, and how we grow into the fullness of our potential.

Think if a melody was written with all high notes or all low notes – with no distinct pause or space between each beat? It would sound like one constant, annoying pitch!  The same can be said of lyrics. Without the empty space between each word that allows for enunciation and clear understanding of what is being said, nothing at all could be communicated.  The voice would be one like one long groaning noise.

So the empty places, the spaces filled with waiting, the intervals of our personal symphony – between the allegro and the adagio – these make up the beautiful melody of life!

These moments are not void of meaning – that space between the prayer and the answer, the emptiness between the loss and the acceptance, and the interval that lies between the dream and its fulfillment. They are required for the symphony of your life to make sense.

Just as the space between the notes is vital to the beauty of the music and the pause between words is so critical to hear what others are trying to convey – so it is with these void, empty, quiet times of our life.

Sometimes we think we are the only ones experiencing them.  Our emptiness seems to be far more uninhabited then others – our waiting far more delayed.  But one thing we must realize, one thing that helps us get through the spaces in between the notes, is to understand that ALL OF US spend most of our lives not in the crescendo moments or the low, slow adagio aspects of our symphony, but in the spaces that lie between them.  It is a very normal, natural, needed aspect to make the music all come together 🙂

So my friend, not only is it important to see the spaces between the notes as normal, it is equally important to see them as imperative – an essential part of your journey.  There is great purpose within the spaces, pauses, and the waiting.  The music is unfolding just as the Composer has arranged it 🙂

Remember this: The Composer of our symphony never fails 🙂  No piece of music is ever crafted without each note meticulously placed at the perfect time, in unison with the perfect rhythm, and with each space and pause essential to its beauty.

There is indeed a plan for the emptiness, the silence between the notes my friend.  Realize your song has been written specifically for you, but yet you share in the moments of waiting, of pausing, of living in between the notes like each of us do.  You are not alone 🙂

I hope tonight you learn to see how important those spaces are – how necessary they become in making the symphony of life flow with beauty, meaning and purpose.

The next time you listen to a song or any kind of music, I hope you listen for the empty places between the notes – realizing they are just as vital as the notes themselves.

God bless!

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