Do You See the Miracle?

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” – Buddha

“Tune into the presence of miracles, and in an instant, life can be transformed into a dazzling experience, more wonderous and exciting than we could even imagine.” – Deepak Chopra

I guess you could call this “Throwback Thursday” as I originally wrote this essay over a year and a half ago. I’ve been thinking a lot about miracles lately and this article encourages me to see them in the light of faith, hope, and expectancy 🙂

I needed this one today…..and I hope you do as well! Our miracle is on its way my friend 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading this one again!


“When you start to believe in miracles, you begin to see miracles all around you.” – Leslie Cassidy

I don’t think any of us can live the entirety of our lives without needing some sort of miracle at one point or another – a desired break, a necessary intervention, or a supernatural change of course that propels our life and our circumstances in a positive direction again. 

But just uttering the word “miracle” can give you visions of something that seems out of reach, improbable, and more of a dream then reality.  When we think about miracles (especially ones that we need NOW), we tend to see them in the context of an unattainable wish that will never come to fruition – an unlikely outcome that is highly extraordinary – bordering impossible.

How about you?  In need of a miracle today?

Is your health or the health of a loved one at a point where something drastic needs to happen soon?  Are you praying for an uncharacteristic change in a spouse’s attitude – a new mindset or behavior that would instantly improve your relationship?  Is there a fractured friendship you long to repair, but it seems beyond reconcilable?  Do you love someone deeply, yet they don’t see you in the same way?  Is that dream job nowhere to be found or outside of your reach?

Do you need some capital to start that business you’ve always dreamed about, but there is no bank, lending institution, or individual willing to help?  Are you in need of a miracle within your own thoughts or mind – healing the despair and depression that is unbearable at times?  Are you looking for that one person you can share your life with, but there is no one in sight and hasn’t been for quite some time?

It could be something – anything that requires an act of divine agency, a supernatural intervention in order for it to come to pass.  But like we mentioned earlier, just the word “miracle” denotes the odds of it occurring or working out to be highly unlikely.

Here my friend is where we need to change our paradigm.  Miracles are NOT unviable, hopeless, or out of the question.  In fact, miracles are frequent in occurrence and more common place then we realize.  They are happening all around us, inside of us, and within our circumstances at a rate that far outweighs anything we consider normal or ordinary.

Yet all too often, we don’t see them.  We take them for granted – dismissing them as status quo.

Think about our world and its relationship to the sun.  Its orbit is held by gravity and inertia – never spinning too fast or out of control.  The gravity of the sun never pulls us too close to its burning rays or weakens over time – allowing us to drift away from its life-giving warmth.  The rotation perfectly accounts for day and night – for seasons to come and go in a timely fashion – all vital to life on this planet.  This has gone on since the beginning of time – perfectly without interruption.

Yet, we see each day as routine, mundane, and nothing special.  But think of the miracle of what is occurring…..and it is happening RIGHT NOW.

Think about the autonomic nervous system in your body – that regulates heartbeat, body temperature, and your respiration ratio.  It is constantly at work, 24 hours a day, monitoring your body functions even as you sleep.  You do nothing to consciously enact it or engage it.  Think of all the complex cells and communication that needs to take place between the brain and the body organs to digest food, cleanse the blood, and coordinate muscle function.  It is one of the greatest miracles!  It is the epicenter of our life!

Yet, we never give it much thought.  We eat, sleep, and do what we need to do each day – taking it all for granted.  But the miracle aspects of your body’s functions are happening RIGHT NOW – as you read this article and interpret its message.

Talk about the body – think of the miracle of conception.  Two microscopic cells within a few weeks develop into an embryo the size of a grain of rice.  At that point….at that tiny size…a heart and a brain has grown.

You my friend, sitting there as you are RIGHT NOW, were at one time the size of a grain of rice 🙂

 Your life is a miracle!

Yet, we think of it often as a burden, a weight, a drudgery to get through.

Think of how the air we need to breathe comes from the miracle of photosynthesis – the interaction of plants, trees, and sunlight!  Yet, we never contemplate the miracle.  We unconsciously take breaths that sustain us and often let out big sighs that signify our frustration that we never seem to get the miracle we are waiting for 

Think of the miracle surrounding seeds – how they germinate and grow the food that sustains us.  Think of how plants miraculously create little dormant pieces of themselves like this – how one seed that grows the apple tree produces hundreds of apples with several hundreds of seeds!

Yet, we eat everyday as if it is just a normal part of life.

The big one right now to me, the one that is changing our world, is the miracle of technology.  Imperceptible radio waves that travel the speed of light – electromagnetics that has birthed wireless connections.  Our phones, computers, and the ability to connect the world via internet is nothing short of miraculous!

Yet, we stare at our phones like they are common place – just a normal part of life.


If miracles are prevalent and not uncommon, then what makes you think the miracle you need, the one you long for is out of reach, impossible, or unattainable?

If the sun, earth, moon and stars have remained in PERFECT alignment since the beginning of time, then can the miracle you seek in bringing your relationship, marriage or friendship into perfect union achievable – or do you think it’s just too impossible?

Think of the complex miracles that occur EVERY MINUTE within the body.  Contemplating this, is your healing so unattainable?  Is the sickness and the miracle you need just too far out of God’s reach to handle?

If the miracle of a tiny seed can feed nations on this earth, is the miracle you need to grow your business too difficult? Can your personal dream germinate and grow into something beautiful or is it just too unrealistic?

Can love reunite, loneliness come to an end, and can the mind be rid of all despair and hopelessness – or are these miracles just too inconceivable?

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.  Is anything too hard for me?” – Jerimiah 32:27

Tonight, start to see that miracles are EVERYWHERE, and if they are common place, then the miracle you are praying for is realistic, attainable, and well within your reach!  All that God asks of us is faith in Him to bring them to pass – to believe He is capable of meeting and exceeding our needs.

Contemplate the miracles He works DAILY – for our life and our good.  When you do, you won’t see miracles in the light you have seen them before – as impossible, improbable, and unattainable.  You will see them as common, ordinary, and as frequent at they really are my friend.

Your miracle is right around the corner.  Believe it and you will see it   

God bless!